The art of movie making

The art of movie making

Voletarium and the code name Project V

Voletarium is the new and visionary attraction in the German themed area at Europa-Park. The true name was kept a secret at first that’s why ’Project V‘ was used as a code name for ’Voletarium’.

„Location, location, location“

The famous quote not only applies to real estate but also to the making of a “fly-over” film.
Many different locations from all across Europe were considered for filming
until 14 destinations were decided upon.
The final selection was based on accessibility, safety and variance.

Previs – making the movie before the movie

Previs means pre-visualization, a process used to digitally make a demo of the film to see what works and what doesn’t.
The entire film “Flying over Europe” was first created digitally and tested until every shot was agreed upon.

Mack Media, the media division of Europa Park, is the producer of the film, assuring that everything is on time and budget.

lights, camera, action

Shooting a “Fly-over” film is technically very challenging.
Several cameras must be mounted together to create an image large enough for projection.

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