The art of storytelling

The art of storytelling

A World full of Stories

Voletarium is part of a much larger storyline that is linked with existing and coming attractions at Europa-Park. Clues and “Easter Eggs” (secret objects) will be hidden in the attraction and across other attractions. So keep your eyes open!

The First Flight Theory

The Adventure Club of Europe commissioned Professor Andrej Nikolajew to prove definitively whether or not the reclusive Eulenstein brothers in 1825 had already carried out the first manned flight.

Did they really fly before the Wright brothers?

The first flight theory Episode 1
The first flight theory Episode 1
The first flight theory Episode 2
The first flight theory Episode 2
The first flight theory Episode 3
The first flight theory Episode 3
The first flight theory Episode 4
The first flight theory Episode 4
The first flight theory Episode 5
The first flight theory Episode 5

The story comes to life

With the concept of the project V locked down, the story settled on two brothers who were both driven,
in their respected fields, to make the dream of flying come true.

New characters

New characters were developed who could be part of Project V.

The Owl

A mechanical owl was designed but later abandoned for a new and more original creature.

The Trapeze Artist

One was a French trapeze artist whose expertise in acrobatics and flying circus acts made her a perfect test pilot.

The Ornithologist

Another character, loosely inspired by Konrad Lorenz, was a crazy ornithologist (someone who studies birds) who actually lived like a bird A less “crazy” version of this character was later used.

The Watchmaker

A character that would later also be used was a brilliant clockmaker who engineered the most unique flying machines.

While researching the history of aviation we came across a slew of eccentric pioneers and inventors. One of them, Lagari Hasan Çelebi, supposedly launched himself in the air with a self-made rocket filled with gunpowder. He proclaimed to his Sultan at the time, the year was 1633, that he will go and meet God. When his rocket took off and landed in the nearby sea, Lagari swam ashore, and joked “O my Sultan! God sends his regards to you!”

First designs

First concept sketches of the interior of the institute were rendered.
We wanted to create a warm and aristocratic feel for some of the rooms.

Dreaming up a story

sliderbild_geschichte01One of the first story concepts we developed centred around seven wise old men and women who once pioneered a mysterious flying machine. The stork was to be their symbol. This idea was abandoned because we felt that seven new characters would be too many to introduce in the queue line.

The theme of flying remained and we still liked the idea that someone had once engineered a mysterious flying machine.
The story called for a place where the dream of flying was to become reality.

Initially the attraction was called “Flying Over Europe”, now the title of the first film.
We decided not to limit the attraction to just one film or theme so that other films could be shown in the future.
Therefore a broader concept and story were needed.


Project V

For Project V we created a fictional institution, a place where hundreds of years ago the most genius and bizarre aircrafts were invented. Voletarium, the true name of the institution was announced with the start of the season 2017.

To assure that the real name and the story of project V is kept a secret until the opening the project is only referred to as Project V. Crew jackets for the production team show the Project V logo on the back.

The dream of flying

For centuries man has dreamed of flying and many attempts have been made by
fearless engineers and aviation pioneers to make this dream a reality.


Custom uniforms and costumes are designed for every attraction and hotel staff at Europa-Park.
They not only help visitors identify staff more easily, but also support the theme of each attraction.

Great detail goes into designing the uniforms to make them part of the story.
All uniforms at Europa-Park are individually crafted at the park’s own tailor shop.
Around 1000 uniforms are in use daily.
The “winged V” is commonly used throughout project V in tiles, windows, emblems and crests.

Final designs

Final design renderings of various rooms and studies in the institute.

Endgültiges Design

Attention to detail is mandatory to immersive storytelling and making the story of the two brothers believable.
The queue line of project V is just as amazing as the main attraction.
It took countless hours of revisions and corrections until every room was perfect.

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